Seminar on Promotion of Democracy through Vote in Nomadic Community


On dated 16th Nov, 2015 FTNC arrange awareness program for Promotion of democracy through vote, mostly the members of nomadic community have not national ID cards so they are not able to cast their vote and even not able to register birth records of their children’s in Union council or in cantonment board. This is very important that citizen of Pakistan no mater they are nomadic or not but must have their national id cards so that they can get benefit of Governments relief programmes. Rev Cyril and Matushka Imma Binish Chair person of (FTNC) welcomed to the honourable guests and Rev. Cyril explain why FTNC took initiative to start school in this community. FTNC invited spokesperson Madam Rubina Feroz Bhatti (Nobal Prize) and General Secretary of Taang Wasaib Org. She share with the community importance of registration of ID cards and explain briefly how they can register their children record and promised, that she will try her best to talk with authorities so they can send registration van in community. Brother Paul Bhatti Principal of Sargodha Catholic High School was the chief guest of the Program he congratulate FTNC Team for starting first Nomadic school System in Sargodha and encourage parents to send their children in School on regular basis. On this occasion Brother Paul Bhatti Principal of Sargodha Catholic High School promised that he will give free admission to the students of Nomadic community in Sargodha Catholic High school. In the end Mr. Zimarn thanks to the honourable guest and the nomadic community.


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